Tuesday, September 03, 2013

What’s the Safest Neighborhood in Chicago?

 The September 2013 edition of Chicago Magazine has an article on the safest neighborhoods in Chicago.

The safest are: Edison Park, Forest Glen, Mount Greenwood, Norwood Park and Dunning

"Chicago’s rough streets get all the press. Where do you find the least crime in the city? It’s not in the richest part of town—just the place the most police live."

"What these five places do have in common: Lots of cops (and other civil servants, including firefighters) live there. The Sun-Times reported that, in 2005, the last year City Hall released the ZIP codes of city workers, 71 percent of police officers lived on the Northwest and Southwest Sides. The ZIP code that includes Mount Greenwood, for instance, was home to 1,418 sworn officers."

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