Friday, July 16, 2010

The Lustron house

Lustron houses are prefabricated enameled steel houses developed after World War II. They were usually built on a concrete slab, with enameled steel panels inside and out, steel framing and a steel roof.

The pre-fab pieces were brought to the site in a Lustron Corporation delivery truck and constructed by a team of workers who were supposed to complete a house in 360 man-hours.

The Lustron Corporation was based in Chicago. In 1949 they were selling these little homes for an average of $10,500. The homes were popular and can be found in many Chicago suburbs. This one with the "Maize Yellow" exterior is located in Downers Grove, IL.

The Lustron Corporation declared bankruptcy in 1950. About 2,000 Lustron homes are still in existence in 36 states.

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