Sunday, January 06, 2008

Subprime - now the Word of the Year!

Subprime has been selected as the Word of the Year for 2007

The American Dialect Society has selected "subprime" as its Word of the Year at its annual convention last Friday, reports the Chicago Sun Times.

"Subprime has been around with bankers for a while , but now everyone is talking about subprime" said Wayne Glowka, "Its affecting all kinds of people."

Yes that's true, its about to affect even more people, those that are not subprime. Its my opinion that by the middle of 2008 everyone will be talking about the loss of the subprime market. A whole group of purchasers that have been taken out of the market, no easy loans for you with poor credit & poor job history.

Now who will buy all those listings that are languishing on the market?

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