Monday, January 17, 2005

Home of the Future Will Include an Array of Electronic Gizmos

An increasing number of home buyers want their residences equipped with the latest technology, such as wireless computer networks, security systems, energy-efficient appliances and ventilation systems with air sensors that detect mold and other allergens. Builders are picking up on buyer demand and will make many of these items standard in their new homes by the end of the decade. Systems that let home owners control lights and alarms from handhelds or the Internet, as well as those that monitor the elderly and other ill family members, are in the works. Meanwhile, more and more buyers are asking for additional electrical outlets to handle these power-hungry devices. Though the most up-to-date technology tools can make homes more appealing than others on the market, real estate appraisers say they do not enhance a property's value unless they are on the buyer's must-have list. However, Baltimore-based appraiser Michael Cassell believes they will add value to homes as they gain popularity

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