Thursday, October 14, 2004 expands with foreclosure sales

Launches is launching a service to help financial institutions and brokers sell real estate-owned (REO) homes inventory. The new company,, will enable banks and real estate agents to sell foreclosed properties without paying fees. will be "open to everyone, but in tune to the needs of financial institutions and brokers, which sell the majority of foreclosed homes in the U.S.," said Colby Sambrotto, COO of The service aims to save on marketing costs for banks and real estate agents.

Banks and real estate agents will be able to upload their listings for free at The Web site currently has about 300,000 listings, according to Sambrotto, and nearly financial institutions are selling 65 percent of the listings.

Consumers can search the company's database of foreclosed properties for $24.95, and they can access service directories, home inspectors, title companies, real estate lawyers and discount mortgage companies through



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