Friday, August 27, 2004

Selling ugly real estate

Unattractive homes perfect fit for an auction

By Bernice Ross Inman News

Do you have a listing you think would look best bulldozed to the ground? Don't despair! You can sell that ugly house!

You just received a "Come list my house!" lead. You are elated that is until you drive up and realize it's the ugliest property you have seen in months. What can you do to sell that ugly house?

In past columns, I discussed staging a property or using Feng Shui to attract the perfect buyer. Staging and Feng Shui can cure some problems, but when the house is beyond cosmetics, you must have a much more creative approach to obtaining a buyer.

Next time you are stuck with the ugliest listing you ever had, here are six strategies to place that ugly property under contract

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