Thursday, August 05, 2004

Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired Prairie-style homes

Construction starts on 16 residences


Bellwood Mayor Frank Pasquale said he always knew the village was a diamond - and that all it needs is a little polishing. He believes a new housing development will do just that.

A groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of 16 single-family homes at the location once known as Eugene Cernan Park took place last week. Many residents and village officials were on hand for the event.

"This is a much-needed addition to Bellwood," Pasquale said. "Most homes (in Bellwood) are 30 years old and they don't have enough room. "Bellwood is a diamond, but it was never polished."

He said the development is an effort to keep Bellwood residents in the village and attract people to buy homes in the community as well. It is nothing new for families in Bellwood to outgrow their homes and move out of the village because of the lack of space, he said.

Karry L. Young, president and chief executive officer of Young Development Corp., which will be building the homes, said the new homes will be the answer for growing families in Bellwood and help keep property values high. He lived in Bellwood for 13 years before leaving because he and his family had outgrown their house.

The new homes will be bordered on the east by Bellwood Avenue, Marshall Avenue on the west, Harrison Street on the south, and Jackson Boulevard to the north.

"This is something Bellwood needs," he said. "It's a blessing they chose me."
So far, 10 homes have already been bought, each costing around $250,000, Young noted. The homes are built after they are purchased.

The homes will range from 2,000 to 3,600 square feet and have four levels. The homes will be Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired Prairie-style homes and will feature a deck, patio, driveway and a multi-car garage. The homes can have up to five bedrooms and three bathrooms.

Bellwood Trustee Michael J. Ciavattone said making the development a reality was a group effort. "The administration is dedicated to serving Bellwood," he said. "It's been a long time since you've seen a new home in this community." "I'm delighted," said Trustee Annie N. Delgado. "I think this is a wonderful idea . "It's a very positive benefit for the community. In a few years, we'll be the envy of surrounding towns."

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Who would buy a house that costs that much money when it was built by non-union, slave labor?